Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amy Rosalee Photography

So a friend of ours that used to live here, is starting a photography company and came and took some CUTE pics of the kids! Here are just a few, it is SO hard for me to choose a few and not about 30!! I absolutely LOVE that fact that they are VERY candid shots and not what you get when you go to a studio. These were in our living room and the kids were comfortablt to be themselves!! If you want to see more I will send you a link to Costco so you can view them!! ENJOY!!!

My FAVORITE one!! Lainee is always sitting around inocently and then Jaxon finds ways to teerorize her. So this really depicts what happens everyday on in our house! I think I am going to get this blown up big to go over our bed!!

Lainee's sweet revenge!! :)

One of my favs of Jaxon, so sweet and actually smiling!

My pretty, pretty princess.....need I say more??

Jaxon playing around and eating his toes....gross, but cute!

My pretty baby again. She is so stinkin photogenic. Every pic of her is adorable!

February, March April Update

I am SO sorry that I have not updated this in FOREVER!! So here are all the exciting things that have happened in the last few months. February, Lainee started sitting all be herself and trying to move around! In early March, she officially became MOBILE and is on the go!! She is rather quick now and can get anywhere she wants and everywhere I do not want her! She can also pull herself up on anything. Once she is up she can stand unassisted for a few seconds before familling of course. She is feeding herself and does not like the idea of being fed. She has this new thing where she presses her lips together and shakes her head no, it is kinad funny! I am officially DONE nursing, and it is kinda nice! I am going to be getting away for the first time on a Women's Retreat this weekend!! I am SO excited to be able to eat what I want when I want to eat it and not have to worry about how it will affect her. Seeing as though we are done nursing she is taking formula and a bottle, and can you guess what her first word was....baba. Imagine that. The kid that rarely if ever, had a bottle and that is her first word! She is close to saying mama, but not yet. We also took a mini vacation to lake Coeur d'Alene over spring break, but I was a slacker and took NO pictures, sad I know! Dan is gearing up for first cutting and trying to get all the equipment ready to go. He just built Jaxon a HUGE sand box (10x5) and he is LOVING it! Oh, and Jaxon is pretty much daytime potty trained. He has an accident every once in a while, but overall we have been doing great! Now for the night time, ugh! Well I think that is all for now! Hope you are all doing well! Here are a BUNCH of pics of what has been happening....ENJOY!!

Jaxon coloring Easter Eggs

Lainee in her pretty pink shoes that should have fit her last summer, but never did, and barely fit her now, but we had to wear them! Thanks Aunt Nettie!

The BIG girl standing showing off her skeggings and pink sandals

Attempting to get an Easter pic before church.

The HUGE sandbox Dan built for the kids! Yes we needed more sand, but we got it now!

My bucket heads before the egg hunting began.

First time on the swings this spring. It was rather chilly out!

Lainee enjoying her rubber ducky from Auntie Jill!

Lainee LOVING the swing!! She has a new safer one now thanks to Drama!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Lou Lou, Brings a Special Creation to You You!!

So I have been spending some time on the sewing maching in the last month or so creating things for little kidos! I am doing this because I don't like the things they have available for my kids, so why not make it, and then make some to sell to my friends!! So I am making little girly headbands with flowers or bows, thick hooded bath towels, and pacifier holders. I am really enjoying creating these and really feel like I have done something productive in society at the end of the day! Dan is being very supportive, but thinks I better start making some money instead of continuing to dole it out, before we go in debt! :) Isn't that always a mans perspective on things!! Love you Dan! :) I am hoping to make some sort or website or something so I can sell more items, but it will all come with time! If you would like to purchase something drop me a line and I will do my best to get it made and to you! If you like what you see but want a variation, let me know! I am here to please people!! :) I only have a few towels pictured here, but I am in the process of making more, they are the most expensive items, so I don't want to get too ahead of myself in making them, want to make sure they sell well!!

So here is a sneak peak with some prices!!
Towels: Prints $25, Solids $18

Headbands: Bows $5, Flowers $7.50

Pacifier Holders: Coming Soon-I am waiting for my supplies to be here at the end of the week and then I will crank some out and get some pics up!!
Don't you like my model?? I think she is adorable, but then again I am biased!!! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our NEW family least we think!

So last saturday we loaded up the kidos along with my Dad and Kari and made a LONG trek up into the Wenatchee National Forest on the south side of Lake Chelan to find ourselves a Christmas tree. This proved to be quite the trip. Dad and Kari took Lainee which proved to be the EASY child. Jaxon evidently was feeling a little car sick upson our leaving town...can you see where this is going??? He slept and was great and then as we wound our way down the lake and up the mountain he kept say "My mouf hurts" this is what he says when he is not feeling well. And just as I was tlaking to him here it comes....ya fun, I tell ya! So I have come to the conclusion that riding in the back seat of Dan's big truck is what does it! He cannot see out the front window, and as his Mother has been afflicted with for years, causing us to get sick in the car!! So we drove up and down this stinkin mountain and round and round for which seemed like FOREVER to me with the lovely smell invading my breathing space. We FINALLY found a spot that we thought would be nice and got out and hiked all over. Up and down, down and up. Don't you know this is a BLAST when you have a person the same height as the under brush :) and a little person strapped to the front of you as you walk up and down trying to stay balanced and not fall over! I am sure I was a sight for sore eyes!! lol!! So after much dilberation, we found THE TREE!! And of course my handy husband cannot bring a real saw with us, he has to bring the power tools and in about 30 seconds the tree was being loaded into our truck! I you remember back I did tell you my Dad came along as well. I think he does not realize how big trees are when they are standing. He found this tree that he REALLY wanted.....I promise you it was easily 25 feet tall and laws prohibit you from cutting a tree no more than 15 feet tall. So after we talked and talked and finally conviced him to keep looking he settled for another mu SMALL tree....only 14 1/2 feet tall...for his 12 foot ceilings mind you! We cut a tree that we thought would fit our room perfectly and we were pretty close, only cutting off about 6 inches...for our 9 foot ceilings. So after all the trees were loaded we jumped in the trucks to head to Wenatchee to eat at Applebee's. Upon getting back in the truck Jaxon starts to compain about his mouth again and yes it happens AGAIN!! This point I am dying. I of course being the planner that I am, brought NO CLOTHES for Jaxon, just Lainee! Jax finally falls asleep and before we can go in to eat I have to go to Target and buy the kid some clean clothes. Then we were finally able to eat a very yummy lunch, that was much deserved after all our hiking, cleaning up yucky stuff, and LONG car ride! So ya...all in all we had a good day and had a GREAT time hiking through the great outdoors. Isn't it amazing how God creates such a beautiful world for us to be in? The experience of hiking with the kids was actually a lot of fun and we are thinking about making this our family tradition each year. Loading up and hiking into the forest with the kidos to find our perfect tree. You could not buy family fun for the 5 bucks for a tag and a tank of gas these days!! The only bad part is that fresh from the forest trees are very sparce and have very weak limbs, and I of course love those thick lush trees, that are so full you can barely get an ornament on it. But I will side with my husband and go with the fresh tree and all the fun that comes with it!

So after all my babbling here are a few pics to commemorate our trip!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Impromptu Pics

So I got a wild hair last night to ATTEMPT to get a Chirtsmas pic of the kids. We got just a few before meltdown set in. But here are a couple decent ones!

STOP THE CAR........

So we were driving to Moses Lake (45mins away) on Satruday afternoon, and all of a sudden Jaxon starts yelling "Stop da car Dad...I nee go pee!!" Dan and I look at each other in total shock and each take a few seconds to comprehend what was just said and start laughing. Then I ask Jaxon does he really need to go and he say "Des Mom, Stop da car!!" Of course we are on a very narrow road with NO place to pull off so we tell him to hold it for a minute and Daddy will pull over as soon as he can. So we go a 1/2 mile of so and we find a spot and low and behold he REALLY had to go! This was only the second time he has actually told us he needed to go. We were SO PROUD!! The whole telling us thing has been an on and off again thing, but at least he realized it! Maybe we are getting somewhere!

We LOVE stickers

So we have been doing the whole go potty on the toilet and get a sticker, fill your chart and get a prize, and Jaxon LOVES it! This has been going on for nearly two weeks and he is starting to forget about the stickers and just go. He did really good for a week or so with only 2 pee accidents all week, but then has had a few more this week! The whole poo thing is a real pain! So we will continue to trudge through it! I hope someday this gets easier!!